Meet Neil Street-Bailey, Managing Agent & Consultant 
Neil has been in the residential property management industry for 18 years and has a wealth of experience that has been practiced and formulated into working models. 
Neil’s primary role is managing landlords’ properties and portfolios and consulting in the North West and North East, ensuring they are compliant. One of his roles is consulting on behalf of landlords and letting agents to ensure they are compliant and using best practices and the correct procedures. 
Many landlords and investors fall into the trap that they ‘think’ they know what being a compliant landlord entails. It is clear from Neil’s experience that they quite often don't understand the legalities and legislations, putting them in jeopardy of fines and loss of earnings or in breach of the housing regulations for their rental properties. 
finds itself in a unique position as they don't act as you would expect from traditional property management and letting agents. They have created a system called back office management which puts the landlord first. This works twofold, firstly the rent is paid directly to the landlord with the perception that Coast & County Property Management receive it, this then means the landlords get the rent first, not the agent. 
Coast & County Property Management work closely with contractors and landlords, creating best practice and price, with no add ons. This means the contractor invoices the landlord directly with no uplift on the invoice, saving on average 15% being added on the invoice, as what happens with a traditional agent. All managed in house., YIOP continues to manage the tenant in every aspect, through the life of the tenancy. Managing their aspirations in maintenance requests and renewing tenancies. The team reference the tenants, create property inventories and protect deposits, advertise the property with the fixed prices as seen in the landlords terms and conditions. 
Coast & County Property Management fee structure is 10% of the value of the monthly rental income and NO VAT and No add ons to maintenance work, this saves the landlord, on average, around £900.00 per annum per property. 
Neil ensures landlords are up-to-date with legislations and housing regulations and informed of all maintenance issues as they arise with no surprises. 
Traditional letting agents will sign landlords into a fixed term contract, typically two to three years, Coast & County Property Management is different. Upon signing the contract, landlords complete a property owners form, Terms and conditions and the fixed price arranged for creating tenancies, inventories, advertising, referencing, protecting deposits, serving notices and rent increases. Where Coast & County Property Management is different; the contract can be terminated by either party, giving just 1 months’ notice by either party. 
The company thrives on great service and communication, with tenant and landlord alike, putting Coast & County Property Management in a unique position in the property management industry. Making their USP one of kind. 
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